Different Way To Match Women Joggers


There was a time when joggers were only worn by athletes at the gym and were made with a thick cotton fabric. They were usually loose around the hip area

and tapered around the ankles.

Joggers were also usually worn by only men for when they wanted to go for runs or jogs because the material would be comfortable and kept the runner dry.

Today, the joggers have transitioned into a stylish athleisure or loungewear. This versatile piece of clothing has made its way out of the gym. You’ll see people

wearing them at streets, in the clubs, at home, at a café, basically anywhere and everywhere apart from the gym.

Interestingly, joggers for women have been the most diverse. Different colours, style and cuts have been introduced.

Joggers are a must-have in every woman’s closet. Today, style is about comfort and versatility and joggers for women provide us with both those features.

Before going shopping for joggers you must know why you need them. Do you want to wear them at the gym? Do you want to wear them on a day or night out

with your friends? Do you want something comfy to chill in your lounge? Or do you want to go for long walks with your pets?

There are so many variations of joggers and answering the above questions will help you make an informed decision. Here are some tips you should consider

before making a purchase.


Tips for Joggers for Women

  • Go for joggers that fit right
  • Your joggers should be made with high-quality material
  • Make sure to opt for joggers that are the right size
  • You must go for joggers that are tailored to your body type

Finding a decent pair of joggers for women is next to impossible. Sometimes the fit isn’t flattering, the material isn’t high-quality, the colours are boring, and the

overall style is uninteresting. This is Aikasportswear can help you.

They are produced using breathable, anti-odor, and moisture-wicking capabilities. There are a number of different joggers in Aika’s collections that you can

check out. Aika Jogger collections are excellent for when you want something for both in and outside of the gym. Great for when you want to wind down at the

end of the day or go for coffee with your friends.

Now that we have highlighted why Aika joggers for women are incomparable and an essential addition to your wardrobe, we’ll discuss how they can be styled in

different ways.


Joggers with Cropped Tank


When you get bored with wearing leggings at your local gym for a workout session, you can always replace them with a pair of joggers. Wear a nice breathable

cropped tank and your stylish gym wear look is complete. Want to go to a café with your friends after? Don’t worry! Our joggers with our tank will make you look

edgy and trendy.

Joggers with Cropped Hoodies


Again, pairing joggers with cropped hoodies is suitable as a winter look. You can wear cropped hoodie with joggers at the gym for a sporty look. It will make you

look good and you’d be able to workout properly without feeling restricted in your movement.


Joggers with Jacket


If you want to go for a fit for cold weather then wear joggers with a sports bra layered with a long jacket. It is a look which can be worn in the gym and for a

casual day out.

Joggers with Sports Bra



Joggers of any colour and style can be worn with bra . Joggers with a sports bra is a perfect combination at the gym. The best part about this style combo is that

there is a lot of room for layering. When you step outside of the gym, you can put on a jacket or a sweatshirt over it. Inside the gym you can workout to your

heart’s content because the gym wear gives a free range of mobility.

Joggers are versatile and can be worn with different tops to change the look completely. For a smart casual look you can also wear a blazer over joggers and

tank top. Want to go the extra mile in the style department then replace your kicks with a pair of heels and voila, you are ready for a night out. Regardless of

how you style your joggers remember the fit, cut, style and fabric should be top-notch.

Post time: May-06-2022