New Trendys From AIKA Sportswear


AIKA Sportswear is on a mission to get the world moving. We believe freeing fitness from performance starts with having fun and generating endorphins. That’s

why we create high quality products make you feel strong, confident.Now follow us to discover the autumn and winter trends of AIKA sportswear.


1.High Rise Legging

High-rise leggings provide a neater overall appearance because of the slimming nature of long lines. Since they stop above the natural waistline, they appear

to elongate the body and make you look slimmer. There is also less of a muffin top, and the result on the psyche can be an increase in body confidence.


2.Yoga Sports Bra

These sports bras are designed to ‘compress’ the breast against the chest holding them in place to limit movement. They do not have individual cups to

separate the breasts. All sports bras that have some stretch in the fabric (usually Lycra or spandex) offer a degree of compression.



3.Yoga Shorts

These yoga shorts are super flexible, with a sleek fit and an interlocked hem. This means that they’ll never roll up when you’re working your hardest and they

can easily take on not just your hardest yoga workout, but any other challenge you’re up against, too.



Post time: Aug-27-2021