The Best Ways to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

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This is the season of joy. Goodies like granny peppermint mocha cookies, tarts, and fig pudding, which existed long before Starbucks, are things we look forward to year-round.

While your taste buds may be as excited as a child at Christmas, the holiday season is a time when people put on a lot of weight.

Research published last year found that Americans can expect to gain 8 pounds over the holidays. Those numbers can be eye-popping, but let’s get one thing straight: The number

on the scale doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t need to be your focus on vacation or any given day. If you are concerned about your weight or eating habits, please consult your


That said, there is hope for anyone looking to minimize year-end weight gain. Even better news: It doesn’t require you to give up holiday foods, like Christmas dinner, entirely.

Experts give their best advice.

1.Keep your fitness habit

Trevor Wells, ASAF, CPT and the owner and chief coach of Wells Wellness and Fitness know that the key to giving up daily jogging is to have a tight schedule. This temptation is

what you want to avoid.

 “Make sure you exercise regularly every day,” Wells said, adding that giving up your daily exercise can also cause sleep problems.

 2.Make a plan

Of course, this is called a holiday, but experts advise not to treat every day like Christmas.

 Emily Schofield, certified personal trainer and gym manager of Ultimate Performance Los Angeles, said: “People not only eat and drink at Christmas, but also develop a mentality

that they will indulge themselves for several weeks.”

 Choose your moment and plan ahead what will happen to them.

 “Sit down and plan the upcoming major events. You want to enjoy these events innocently, such as Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day

3.Eat something

Don’t hoard calories without eating all day.

“This affects your blood sugar, energy, and mood, leaving you feeling hungry and more likely to overeat later,” Schofield says.

Foods that will help keep you feeling full for longer — and less likely to eat more than you’ll want later — include foods that contain protein, healthy fats, and fiber, like veggie omelets.

4.Don’t drink your calories

Holiday drinks, especially cocktails, can be high in calories.

“Choose beverages that are in season and drink in moderation,” says Blanca Garcia, nutrition expert at Canal of Health.

Wells recommends having at least one glass of water with every holiday drink.


Post time: Jan-03-2023